Recommended Games

Moon-Pioneer Moon-Pioneer Moon-Pioneer
My-Style-Hotel-Empire My-Style-Hotel-Empire My-Style-Hotel-Empire
Water-Flow-Puzzle Water-Flow-Puzzle Water-Flow-Puzzle
Basketball-Star Basketball-Star Basketball-Star
Idle-Arks-Build-At-Sea Idle-Arks-Build-At-Sea Idle-Arks-Build-At-Sea
Raft-Life Raft-Life Raft-Life
Fill-The-Fridge Fill-The-Fridge Fill-The-Fridge
Ace-Brawl-Battle-3d Ace-Brawl-Battle-3d Ace-Brawl-Battle-3d
Human-Vehicle Human-Vehicle Human-Vehicle
Kitten-Hide-And-Seek Kitten-Hide-And-Seek Kitten-Hide-And-Seek
Art-Puzzle-Fun Art-Puzzle-Fun Art-Puzzle-Fun
Teacher-Simulator Teacher-Simulator Teacher-Simulator
Top-War-Battle-Game Top-War-Battle-Game Top-War-Battle-Game
Army-Commander Army-Commander Army-Commander
Archer-Hunter-King Archer-Hunter-King Archer-Hunter-King


Space Space Space
Merge-Master-Dinosaur-Fusion Merge-Master-Dinosaur-Fusion Merge-Master-Dinosaur-Fusion
Cat-Condo Cat-Condo Cat-Condo
Color-Hoop-Stack Color-Hoop-Stack Color-Hoop-Stack
Stickman-Jailbreak-Love-Story Stickman-Jailbreak-Love-Story Stickman-Jailbreak-Love-Story
Doodle-God-Ultimate-Edition Doodle-God-Ultimate-Edition Doodle-God-Ultimate-Edition
Shadow-Ninja-Revenge Shadow-Ninja-Revenge Shadow-Ninja-Revenge
Stacky-Dash-2 Stacky-Dash-2 Stacky-Dash-2
Frontline Frontline Frontline
Cannons-And-Soldiers Cannons-And-Soldiers Cannons-And-Soldiers
Draw-The-Rest Draw-The-Rest Draw-The-Rest
Jail-Breaker Jail-Breaker Jail-Breaker
Whooo Whooo Whooo
Slingshot-Jetpack Slingshot-Jetpack Slingshot-Jetpack
Snake-Swipe-Puzzle Snake-Swipe-Puzzle Snake-Swipe-Puzzle
Hide-And-Seek-Io Hide-And-Seek-Io Hide-And-Seek-Io
Rainbow-Friend-Cartoon-Jigsaw Rainbow-Friend-Cartoon-Jigsaw Rainbow-Friend-Cartoon-Jigsaw
Cooking-Street Cooking-Street Cooking-Street
Dunk-Digger Dunk-Digger Dunk-Digger
Find-It-Out Find-It-Out Find-It-Out


As a game platform, SmallGames aims to provide cool free games which could run on any device instantly, especially for mobile devices. Classic or high-quality games could be found on SmallGames.

Our Games

Games on this platform are very popular in recent years. To avoid loading for long time, especially on mobile device, most games are light weight. Games types range from classic H5 games to new 3D games, and also include other categories such as action, sports, shooting, driving etc. Player can also find the favourite game by name with powerful search filter.

About SmallGames

SmallGames is a browser game platform that features cool free online games. All of our games run in the browser and can be played instantly without downloads or installs. You can play on SmallGames on any device, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This means that whether you are at home, at school, or at work, it's easy and quick to start playing! Every month over 15 million people play our games, either by themselves in single player mode, with a friend in two player mode, or with people from all over the world in multiplayer mode.

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